Commonly Asked Questions by Tenant Applicants

How do I know if I qualify or not?

Easy, click on the DO I QUALIFY button right there on our website – it’s absolutely free and anonymous. Answer a few simple questions and you will find out really quickly if we can co-sign your lease. We will verify the data, but as long as you are truthful with us, you will get a real answer, instantly.

Will someone call me after I submit my application?

No. However within 24 hours, Monday through Friday, we will contact you by email just as soon as we have verified all of the information that you provide to us in your application.

What is the cost of Liberty Rent Guarantee?

Our service costs one months rent plus a $35 application fee.

What forms of payment are accepted for Liberty Rent Guarantee Contracts?

We accept credit and debit cards.

What happens if I'm evicted?

Having a Liberty Rent Guarantee Certificate doesn’t change your legal obligation to pay your rent. If you are evicted and have charges outstanding, those will be reflected on your credit history, as will your eviction, and you could be pursued legally for the outstanding balance.

How do I know if the property I want to rent offers Liberty?

If the leasing agent provided you with our information then it's highly likely they accept us as a co-signer. If you came across us in some other fashion, please contact the property manager where you plan to live and ask them if they accept Liberty. If they do not, click on the PROPERTIES button on our website. If there are none listed in your area, click on the CONTACT US button and let us know what city you are looking to live in. If there are properties we service in your area, we will respond with several for you to follow up with. While we cannot guarantee your placement into a property, we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

What are Liberty’s hours of operation?

We are open 8 to 5 Central time, Monday through Friday.