Covenant House Helps End Homelessness, a cause we can all get behind.

In New Orleans

While there, I met the staff and volunteers that make up the Covenant House.   It is the #2 charity in the US on “Charity Finder” whatever that means.   Jim, their director, who just called me, today, Saturday at 2:30 pm to say thanks again for being a part, is perhaps the greatest leader I have ever met.   He is kind, warm, gentle and filled with unconditional love.    I hope that someday I grow up to be just like Jim.   Until then, I’m going to find time to get over the New Orleans, and volunteer at the Covenant House.    They take in roughly 120-140 kids, aged 18-22, NIGHTLY in New Orleans.   Kids from the street, nowhere to go.   Sexually abused, human trafficked, ex-cons, foster kids, run-aways, in short, kids in crisis.    Their mission is simply to provide unconditional love, direction, and support – to walk with these kids until they can walk it on their own.   My plan is to join that walk, in whatever little way I can.   I’m going to the fringes to let them know that there is no line they can not cross.   There is no segment of society that they can not join.   Before we left, Jim told us, that the greatest thing he hears from these kids “of the street” is that when they pass people, they either get “that look” of disgust or people simply look away.   They all talk about what they really want is to be noticed.   “Just say hello” was the message.   I hope we can all do that.   Just say hello.

Covenant House Online Resources

There is a whole lot to Covenant House listed on their website and several videos. They also have a documentary called “Shelter” that can be found on YouTube.    Pretty miraculous mission they have.   Please keep them in your prayers, for they are doing GOD’s work.

For those that contributed to the effort – THANK YOU.   Your name was written on the box that I slept on, a Covenant House tradition of creating a “thank you card” before we slept.  It is our mission at Liberty Rent to help bring people a second chance with bad credit but even on our worst day we have it pretty good; Covenant House Helps End Homelessness, a cause we can all get behind.