Google Reviews and Customer Feedback

With so many different ways to review companies and take feedback from customers, how do you respond as a company?

At Liberty Rent we try and help every customer we can if not we refund its that simple. Our customer support has been the backbone of our company since the beginning. In 2020 we are taking it to the next level. While not everyone leaves a review it is important to ask and engage with customers. Do not be shy to ask for a review. We are in the business to help people and one of the best ways to let people know what you do is get the unbiased opinion from your very own customers. Every single email from customers and properties we read and digest, it has been both beneficial from a development standpoint and a relationship builder.

The good the bad and the in-between, we appreciate all feedback. This is how we grow as a company and provide great service. If you would like to see what people are saying about us on Google Click Here. For more information on how you can help Google work for your business, they have a multitude of great resources available in their Business Help center. We appreciate everyone who has helped share their experience we will continue to hold Customer Feedback in the highest regard. Looking forward to seeing your Google Review. If you would like to share any info on how we can make our process better we would love to hear from you. You can message us on Google or email