We are the company willing to guarantee and co-sign for applicants with less than perfect credit.

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Bubba Grimsley , CEO

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How It All Started

A Passion For Helping Tenants With Poor Credit Get Apartments And Homes

Bubba Grimsley founded Liberty Rent because he had a passion to help people with bad credit get into apartments and homes, while giving the landlords and property managers a good tenant.

“During the housing crisis in 2007, I got mixed up with a crowd of trial lawyers that were all fighting to defend people who had been in bad foreclosures. From all the evidence in all of our cases we were finding that these people weren’t legitimately being foreclosed on. There’s a point, you can probably find it on the internet, where I was interviewed on MSNBC about the legal work that we were doing.

We ended up doing a lot of work out in Las Vegas representing the State of Nevada in the housing crisis. There were just thousands of bad foreclosures where people couldn’t understand why they were being foreclosed on or why their house was being taken away.

What you quickly find out when you deal with people in a foreclosure is that the foreclosure happens first and then typically there’s a deficiency judgment that’s filed and a lawsuit against the person who just lost their house. That’s basically a large debt. Then that typically is followed by bankruptcy by the person who was foreclosed on.

All of that tends to destroy someone’s credit and then the next question is, once they move out of their home, where do we go now?”

Liberty Rent helps property owners fill units without risk of default, while simultaneously helping consumers find a good home and re-build their credit. Operating nationwide, Liberty Rent Guarantee has helped secure homes for thousands of families by getting the applicants in. Liberty Rent Guarantee stands out in a industry full of companies claiming to be cosigners or guarantors, they simply get people into homes.  To date, we have approved over 8000 leases that were originally denied. Whether you are a property management company or an applicant who’s been denied, we would love to help and work with you.

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How It Works

Simple and Seamless



After you have been denied by an Apartment, apply with us.

Pay Our Fee

Once approved, pay our fee. We will send the apartment your certificate and let them know you are ready to sign your new lease.

Sign Your Lease

Sign your lease and move into your new apartment.

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