We are the company willing to guarantee and co-sign for applicants with less than perfect credit.

Turn Unqualified Applicants Into Qualified Residents

Gain peace of mind by becoming a partner with Liberty Rent today. We Understand the frustration of denying an applicant. Liberty Rent helps property management companies all over the country increase their occupancy and bottom line.

Some Words from our Partners

ABC Capital Investments, LLC

We have been working with Liberty Rent Guarantee now several months. Since the inception, we have found their service to be a very valuable asset to our business. Their thorough screening process has placed better quality tenants into our properties. This has lead to an increase in our monthly collection percentage, which has been great. Most importantly, once we place the tenants, we now have the peace of mind that if anything arises resulting in the tenant not paying the rent we will be compensated as originally expected. Their service is offered at a fair price and they have provided us with excellent customer service thus far. In our opinion, Liberty Rent Guarantee is a must have for any Landlord! In addition, any Property Management company should certainly recommend their product to their clients!

Peter Brooks

K & L Property Management, LLC

I have used the Liberty Rent Guarantee product for over 6 months as a Regional Property Manager. This product increased our occupancy almost immediately and allowed us a rent guarantee on all our applicants that did not quite meet our credit criteria such as an “override” situation. As a regional, I am busy with reports and other day to day operations for 10 properties. Liberty gave me a peace of mind and assurance that if any tenant defaulted on rent and were evicted or abandoned the unit, they covered the rent for up to 6 months. My leasing team received superior training and began sending declined applicants right away to the easy to use website. The turnaround time for a approving the applicant was quick! I would recommend using Liberty to any management company that wants to operate smarter not harder. With zero cost, why would you not?

Regional Manager
Linnet Gunter

First Communities

We have been using Liberty Rent Guarantee for almost a year now and we are very happy with the results. We turn down numberous applicants that just barely fall short of our criteria. In most cases, we still feel these applicants would make good tenants. Now when we have a decline, or an "override" situation with an applicant, we simply refer them to Liberty and know they are covered if they ever default. The Liberty tenants have proven to be great tenants for us. Thanks for helping us lease more units and keep our occupancy high. I would recommend this service to any residential management company.

Vanessa Rivera

Dwell at 750

We’ve been using Liberty Rent Guarantee for over a year and are impressed with how it has increased our occupancy and helped our bottom line. Of the dozens of applicants approved by Liberty, only one has defaulted. As soon as that unit was re-leased, a check was delivered for $2,500 to cover the loss of rent on the unit. The tenant left the unit in good condition so we had minimal cost to turn the unit and no loss of rental income. Liberty has enabled us to raise our tenant criteria, upgrade the tenant profile of our community and at the same time, increase our occupancy. They even send us pre-qualified, guaranteed applicants to help us rent more units. I would recommend using Liberty Rent Guarantee to anyone in the rental management business. We are very happy with this innovative concept that gives management companies a way to guarantee their income and help deserving tenants find a home.

Community Manager
Ryan Swedberg

Compass Property Management Group, LLC

We have been using Liberty Rent Guarantee for almost a year and have placed multiple tenants through your program. Our clients love the product because it gives peace of mind in the event of a skip or eviction, they are covered on the rent loss. Many of our clients are smaller investors that could be devastated by the cost incurred from a bad eviction. We recently had a Liberty Rent Guaranteed tenant lose their job and ended up defaulting. Liberty delivered a check for $2,800 for the loss of rent as soon as the home was re-leased and our owner was thrilled. We’ve had great success in using the rent guarantee as a marketing tool to attract new clients. This product has helped us increase our client portfolio of single family investors and has made our existing clients more loyal to our company. We turn down many qualified applicants that just barely fall under criteria set by our owners. Now, we can expand our base, rent homes faster and eliminate potential risk of income loss. We also retain our management fee during the whole process from default to re-lease. Liberty Rent Guarantee is a great way to set us apart from our competition. I highly recommend this unique product to anyone in the rental business.

Theresa Mull

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