We are the company willing to guarantee and co-sign for applicants with less than perfect credit.

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We Understand Your Frustration, Allow Us to Help

You Should be able to Rent without fear!

3 Easy Steps

Simple and Seamless


Sign Up Your Property

We will list you in our Directory and add your properties to our system.

Refer your Denials

We help you connect applicants to our service. We let you know if we approved them so you can lease the apartment.

Lease Like Normal

Our dashboard will help you track their progress and track additional units filled (revenue generated).

We Understand the frustration of denying an applicant.

Liberty Rent helps PMCs all over the country increase occupancy.

Increased Occupancy

We help you qualify applicants, you would otherwise be forced to turn away and lose.

Increased Profits

Filling units sooner at NO COST, helps you to generate more revenue.

Decreased Risks

If a default occurs with one of our Residents, we have you covered.

Partner With Us

Contact our Business Development team to start working with Liberty Rent today!

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