Removing Barriers to Community

Since 2014, Liberty Rent has partnered with property managers to give financially denied applicants access to desired housing.

Our underwriting service removes barriers so that instead of fretting over finding a place to live, residents can focus on actually living.

Our Promise

You deserve access to your dream home

Here’s how our underwriting service works:

  • Accept the invitation to apply from the community that works with us
  • Submit your application with all required information — our $35 application fee is refundable if we are unable to provide service
  • Accept your coverage agreement
  • Pay your policy premium — we provide the policy directly to the property
  • Sign your lease and move in

What Our Clients Say

Liberty Rent has helped to increase our occupancy, on average, by 8%. We are thankful for a company helping so many people get another opportunity to lease an apartment.


We can help.

Our compassionate, responsive team works alongside you for every step of the application process. We’ll get you home.

Questions? Reach out to our team.