About Us

Bubba Grimsley

Bubba’s inspiration for Liberty Rent was borne out of the 2008 housing crisis. As a consumer attorney, he felt disillusioned by a broken, exploitative loan system and wanted to provide a solution that met the needs of both property owners and families. In 2014, he founded Liberty Rent. 

Since 2014, Liberty Rent has enabled dozens of multifamily property managers to maximize occupancy without increasing default risk, while also helping over 50,000 residents live in quality homes of their choosing.

Prior to Liberty Rent, Bubba served as a small business owner, a partner in startups, a board member of publicly-traded companies, and was general counsel and CEO of a small technology company.

When he’s not running Liberty Rent, Bubba enjoys spending his time boating and fishing on the Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi Gulf Coast with his kids. His love for his community has steered him toward numerous philanthropic projects, including serving on children’s charity boards and raising funds for homeless children in New Orleans.