Liberty Rent is a second look at denied applicants

Our product allows community managers to improve conversion rates while protecting against rent revenue loss.  

Resident selection is at the heart of your community’s profitability. With Liberty Rent, you can accept the applicants you already have and protect your rent revenue — without compromising your NOI.

Our solution allows your multifamily community to quickly reach full occupancy with less risk while granting residents more equitable access.

What Our Clients Say

We recently had a Liberty Rent resident lose their job and it caused them to default. Liberty delivered a check for the lost rent when the unit was re-leased. Our owner was thrilled!


Your most reliable applicant pool is the one you already have

You invest time and money into every applicant that walks through your door. Marketing dollars drive lead generation and applicant conversions. Onsite staff spend hours in prospect and application management. Significant technology supports the end to end applicant experience. 

All that investment is wasted the moment an applicant cannot qualify.

Our product offers your applicants the opportunity to qualify without risking your rent revenue

Liberty Rent’s underwriting process looks at a comprehensive set of financial data to thoroughly understand applicant risk. Approved applicants gain access for the term of their lease, during which the property is covered for up to six months of lost rent.

Our responsive and dedicated team maximizes your occupancy and manages communication and rent collection, should an applicant skip their payment.

Our Promise

Rent Loss Protection

With Liberty Rent, you stand to:

  • Increase community occupancy
  • Increase leasing velocity
  • Reduce revenue leakage on defaults
  • Minimize wasted marketing spend
  • Improve ESG impact

Curious how Liberty Rent’s rent loss protection can benefit you? We’re ready to talk.